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LG Touchscreen Phone List: 3 Smartphones with the Most Stunning Displays

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The displays of the LG touchscreen phones are extremely responsive. Moreover, they are extremely bright and colorful. They can make everything look super crisp. But which is the most stunning one? In this article, you will find the LG touchscreen phone list, covering 3 smartphones with the most stunning displays in the current market. Take a look at them.

#3 in Our LG Touchscreen Phone List - LG V10

#3 in Our LG Touchscreen Phone List: LG V10

The 5.7-inch display of the LG V10 is mind blowing. It has a high resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, which results in an outstanding pixel density of 515 ppi. It can make everything look crystal clear. More interestingly, the device has a second display on top of the first one. It shows different notifications, like emails, messages and settings widgets. And it stays “always-on” to show all the information dimly. With all these amazing things, LG V10 takes the third position in our LG touchscreen phone list with respect to the stunning display performance.

#2 in Our LG Touchscreen Phone List - LG G4

#2 in Our LG Touchscreen Phone List: LG G4

The 5.5-inch display has the same resolution as the display of the LG V10. However, it has a higher pixel density of 538 ppi. Images and texts are pin sharp. More specifically, it’s much better than the display of the pricier iPhone 6 Plus. It is 25% brighter than its predecessor. As a result, it is able to provide you with a pleasant experience on the sunny day. And with the Quantum display technology, it is able to produce stunning colors with a high accuracy. All these outstanding features push the LG G4 to the second position in our best LG touchscreen phone list.

#1 in Our LG Touchscreen Phone List - LG G5

#1 in Our LG Touchscreen Phone List: LG G5

The size of the display has been decreased from 5.5-inch to 5.3-inch. But that doesn’t mean that the ability to produce a stunning view has been taken away. In fact, it has become more stunning than ever before. Although having the same resolution and pixel density as its predecessor, it can make everything look ridiculously sharp. More importantly, it is far more true-to-life. It can outtake the display of any leading smartphones on the market, including the Galaxy S7.  It is extremely bright. Compared to other IPS displays, its black level is very solid. Like the display of the LG V10, it features the Always-on technology. With all these features, the LG G5 takes the first position in our LG touchscreen phone list.

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