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LG Phone Reviews: LG G4 with a Great Look and Amazing Shooters, LG G5 with a Stunning Display and a Unique Modular Design

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LG phone reviews can play a major role in helping you choose the best one among the wide range of models. More importantly, they reveal not only the strengths but also the weaknesses of the devices. In this article, you will find the reviews of two of the hottest smartphones of the Korean tech giant. They are LG G4 and LG G5.

LG Phone Reviews - LG G4

LG Phone Reviews: LG G4


The LG G4 doesn’t feature any major design change. The bezels are still slim and the buttons are still on the back. However, here is a very interesting feature. The device comes with the leather back cover, which looks really gorgeous and luxurious. It has provided the device with a unique identity in the smartphone market. As a result, it has received a massive admiration from most of the LG phone reviews.


Similar to the predecessor, the LG G4 comes with a QHD display. However, this time, it has become even better than ever before. The color quality and the performance in direct sunlight has been enhanced significantly. The application of IPS Quantum technology and N-Type Liquid crystals has resulted in an improvement of 25% in brightness. Just put it side by side with the other flagship smartphones on the market. You will see the real difference.


The 16-MP rear shooter can capture much better photos than its predecessor. Thanks to the fast f/1.8 that lets in more light. It also results in a highly improved performance in the low light condition. The 8-MP front shooter is absolutely fantastic. Its selfies have been sharper than ever before. For these reasons, all the LG phone reviews have highly praised both of the shooters.

Hardware and Performance

In the Geekbech 3 test, the LG G4 manages to score 3559 points, which is higher than 2891 points of the Motorola Droid Turbo, but lower than 5127 points of the Galaxy S6. The reason behind such score is the application of the older Snapdragon 808 processor. However, being packed with 3 GB RAM and Adreno 418 GPU, it is able to run any game and app of this year. And generally speaking, we haven’t found any issue with the performance.


The performance of the 3000 mAh battery is average. It can last a full day with normal usage. However, do not expect it to be as good as the battery of the DROID Turbo. While the battery of Motorola’s smartphone lasted 10 hours and 42 minutes in the benchmark test, the LG G4 battery survived only 6 hours and 6 minutes.

The Verdict

In terms of the display and camera performance, the LG G4 is absolutely fantastic. Its design is luxurious and the performance is really great. However, if you do not want to charge your smartphone daily, it’s not the right option for you.

LG Phone Reviews - LG G5

LG Phone Reviews: LG G5


The LG G5 doesn’t look as stunning as the Galaxy S7. However, its design is better proportioned. Having a gorgeous matte finish, it looks absolutely fantastic. The finish also allows you to grip the phone more comfortably. However, it doesn’t have the luxurious leather back like its predecessor. But it does have a very unique feature that is not available in any other LG smartphones. It is the modular design, which allows you to swap the bottom of the device with high quality components, like Bang & Olufsen DAC and LG Cam Plus. Due to this unique features, it has been able to receive outstanding feedback from all the LG phone reviews.


Similar to the LG G4 display, the 5.3-inch screen of the LG G5 comes with the QHD panel. The performance in direct sunlight has been even better from its predecessor. The blacks also look much better. More importantly, it comes with a feature that is not available in the 2015 flagship smartphone. It is the Always-On technology. Even though the phone is locked, the time and notifications will always be displayed on the display.


Like the LG G4, the LG G5 sports the 16-MP rear shooter. However, this time, it is featuring an additional 8-MP sensor that has an extremely wide view of 135 degrees. It allows you to make impossible scenes fit in the frame. The color of the captured images is very vibrant. If you are looking for a smartphone shooter that can provide a DSLR-type experience, it is definitely the right option for you.

Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint scanner has been integrated with the power button for the very first time in a G-series smartphone. It is extremely fast and reliable. The good thing about the scanner is the fact that it doesn’t require you to wake the screen up to perform authentication.


In the Geekbech 3 test, it scores 5442, which is far better than the 4421 points of the iPhone 6S. All the credits go to the new Snapdragon 820 processor and the enhancement of RAM capacity (from 3GB to 4GB). More importantly, the gaming performance is simply stunning. Thanks to the new Adreno 530 GPU that results into 40% graphics performance boost.


LG has once again failed in the battery department. The 2,800 mAh battery of the LG G5 is able to last only 5 hours and 51 minutes in the benchmark test, which is really disappointing. Even its predecessor, which was criticized for not having the same capability as the battery of the Galaxy S6, is able to last longer.

The Verdict

Yes, LG has once again disappointed us with the lackluster battery performance. But with respect to other facts, including design, hardware and camera performance, it’s a very tough competitor to beat. No doubt about it.

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