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LG Mobile News: Verizon’s G5 and V10 Gets Software Updates, New V20 Confirmed to be Released Later this Quarter

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The LG mobile lineup is getting better day by day. Thanks to the powerful specification and regular updates, which results in a top notch performance. In this article, you will find two latest news on the smartphones of the South Korean tech giant. Take a look at them.

LG Mobile News - Verizon’s G5 and V10 Gets Software Updates

LG Mobile News: Verizon’s G5 and V10 Gets Software Updates

If you are a user of the G5 or V10, here is an important news for you. Verizon and LG have worked together to release a software update for both of the devices.

The G5 has received the latest VS98713 software update. It allows you to see the application drawer feature in the built-in launcher. Earlier, a large number of users expressed their frustrations with the exclusion of the particular option. Now, they will definitely be very happy. You just need to go to Settings > Home Screen. Then select “Home with app drawer.”

The VS98713 has also brought some more features. Whenever a cable is connected to the device, the USB selection screen will appear. From here, you can choose different options including, charging, file transfer and photo transfer. According to the LG mobile news reports, the LG health app has also received enhancement. The new customizable exercise modes have been included. The dashboard has also been changed as well.

On the other hand, the VS99023A update of the V10 has brought only minor changes. Similar to the G5 update, the new USB selection screen has been introduced. The Wi-Fi calling functionality has also received unnamed improvements.

Both of the updates will be automatically installed into your devices over the air while being connected to the internet.

LG Mobile News - New V20 Confirmed to be Released Later this Quarter

LG Mobile News: New V20 Confirmed to be Released Later this Quarter

LG has confirmed that it will release a new V-series smartphone later this quarter. It doesn’t mention the exact model name of the device. However, according to the LG mobile news reports, it is very likely to be known as the LG V20, which will be the successor of the current generation V10 smartphone.

LG’s move looks quite logical. One of its major rival, Samsung, is strongly expected to release the new Galaxy Note 7 in August. LG needs a great device to compete strongly against it. The new V20 can play a major role in accomplishing the goal.

While LG hasn’t mentioned the exact release date, most of the reports from the leading publications, including Android Central, claim that it will be set somewhere in September 2016.

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