LG G5 Specs, Rumors, Reviews, Features, and Release Date Info

LG G5 Specs: 5.6-Inch IPS LCD Display, 20-MP Rear Shooter, Snapdragon 820 Processor and More

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The LG G5 is one of the most highly anticipated smartphones of 2016. The device is rumored to be packed with an outstanding specification, which will make it one of the best handsets of this year. In this article, you will get the detailed LG G5 specs.

LG G5 Specs - 5.6-Inch IPS LCD Display, 20-MP Rear Shooter, Snapdragon 820 Processor and More

LG G5 Specs: 5.6-Inch IPS LCD Display

The LG G5 is expected to feature a slightly larger screen. According to different rumors, the device will come with the 5.6-inch IPS LCD display, which is a bit bigger than the 5.5-inch screen of the current generation LG G4. However, the pixel density will be decreased to 525 ppi, which is a bit less than the 538 ppi of its predecessor. In order to enhance the durability, the device will be protected with the Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

LG G5 Specs: 20-MP Rear Shooter and 8-MP Front Shooter

The LG G5 will contain the advanced cameras. According to the different rumors on the LG G5 specs, the device will come with the 20-MP primary camera. It is a major megapixel bump with respect to the 16-MP rear shooter of the LG G4. However, the megapixel range of the front shooter will remain unchanged (8-MP).

LG G5 Specs: Snapdragon 820 Processor, 4 GB RAM and Adreno 530 GPU

Being a next-generation device, the LG G5 will come with a major hardware improvement. The smartphone is said to be packed with the more powerful Snapdragon 820 processor and the massive 4 GB RAM. As a result, the device will be able to perform at a superb pace. For the hardcore gamers, the advanced Adreno 530 GPU will be included. As a result, the smartphone will be able to produce a stunning graphics while running the high-end games.

LG G5 Specs: Internal Storage

Last year’s LG G4 comes with 32 GB internal storage. But this year’s LG G5 will come with an even better internal storage of 64 GB. Similar to its predecessor, the option of expanding storage capacity through the microSD card slot will be available. But this time, you can expand up to 200 GB, rather than 128 GB.

LG G5 Specs: Other Notable Features

The other notable features of the LG G5 will be the fingerprint scanner, the iris scanner, Quick Charge 3.0 (83% in 30 Minutes), wireless charging system and SlimPort 4K.

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