LG G5 Specs, Rumors, Reviews, Features, and Release Date Info

LG G5 Rumors, Specs, Features, Concept, Price, Presales, Release Date Info

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LG looks to create yet another amazing smartphone in 2016 as the fifth installment called the LG G5 aims to impress. The LG G series selling smartphones have been voted as fan favorites year after year, and with the upcoming release of the G5, LG looks to continue the trend. With some amazing changes in store for us, the LG G5 release is expected to be yet another return as one of the year’s best.

Extending upon the concept of the G4, the LG G5 concept looks to integrate much of the same, but with a little more. The idea of pushing the envelope is expected to give consumers just what they’ve been asking for, and maybe even a surprise. Despite the fact that we are still quite a while away from seeing the new LG G5 specs, the rumors that are becoming more and more persistent are pointing to some huge changes.

The following rumors on the LG G5 rumors, specs, features, price, presales, and release date info will give you a glimpse of what to expect upon the launch day in 2016.


LG G5 Rumors

[AdSense-A]It’s amazing when looking at the focus of the next best thing with so much time left before reality hits, and this is where the current LG G5 rumors begin to take shape. As LG has created one of the top selling smartphone series of all-time, the current rumors taking shape looks like something bigger, better, faster, more efficient, and much more practical is on the way with the new LG G5.

We have been hearing numerous LG G5 rumors of more than one version coming in June of 2016. As LG looks to increase their market share and give consumers yet another option, there may actually be three versions of the best-selling series on the way. A plastic version of the LG G5, a standard version, and a premium version with a full bendable display are highly likely.

Aside from the phone itself, LG rumors point to more of a focus with other peripherals being able to interface with the LG G5 without the use of Bluetooth technology. Owners of an LG G smartwatch for instance will be able to use all the same features of the watch including calling, texting, and emailing without having to be connected to a phone itself. This could be made possible with a SD card slot in the watch itself, and should be integrated when the LG G5 releases in 2016.

Other LG G5 rumors that we have been hearing is the use of 5G connectivity. As we continue to enjoy all the features of 4G connectivity, imagine what double the download speeds and better worldwide coverage that the rumored 5G technology will bring. The technology is in place, but we are uncertain if the new 5G wireless technology will be in place in time for the LG G5 release.

LG G5 Specifications

[AdSense-A]Some of the most amazing aspects of things to come are the rumors on the LG G5 specifications. Some would say that LG needs to do little to improve on the specs of the LG G4, but remaining status quo is something that LG is not likely to do.

Some of LG G5 specs that we have been hearing about is a 4100 mAh battery, 20 MP front-facing camera, 5 MP rear-facing camera, a 2.9 ghz octa-core processor, and a 4K screen display. The following is a complete breakdown of what we are expecting to see in the specs of the LG G5.

Specs LG G5 Specifications
Battery 4100 mAh Li-Ion Battery
Camera Features Auto focus, optical image stabilization, dual LED, 3D camera element
Camera Front 20 Megapixels
Camera Rear 5.1 Megapixels
Colors White, black, blue, gold, copper
Features Bendable display, fingerprint scanner, retina eye scanner, waterproof, wireless charging, 3G, 4G, 5G connectivity
Memory Internal memory of 16, 32, and 64 GB, and external memory with optional micro SD card to 128 GB
Operating System Current 2016 Android Operating System
Price $900 USD, 730 Euro, 572 GBP – see below
Presales Early June 2016
Processor Octa-core 2.9 ghz Snapdragon Qualcomm 810 processor
Release Date June 2016 – see below
Screen Display 5.6 inch Sapphire screen display Quad HD 4K and at least 600 ppi
Sensors Barometer, compass, dustproof, HR, shockproof, thermometer, SPO2,
Video Recording 2160p@ 30 fps, 1080p@ 60 fps, 720p@ 90 fps


LG G5 Features

Many new LG G5 features are on the way, but confirming the latest details will surely take time. We have hearing many rumors of an integrated fingerprint scanner running side by side with a retina eye scanner that would give users double the security at the same time. Also, three versions have been rumored as a plastic variant, full metal body, and a bendable display have all been rumored to have unique LG G5 features. A 3d camera was something we were hoping to see with the LG G4, and is now something that is almost certain in the LG G4 camera features.

We will bring in all the rumors and confirmations of the features of the LG G5 when more information becomes available.

LG G5 Concept

Much of the LG G5 concept focuses on giving consumers just what they are wanting. LG has consistently given consumers a smartphone that has all the features they need, and for a price they are willing to pay. LG looks to continue the trends of the successful concept of the current model, and build upon it at the same time. The new concept looks to improve on the speed, performance, efficiency, durability, color options, pricing points, and multi-tasking capabilities.

If the current rumors on a premium version with a bendable display hold-true, then this would give consumers yet one more reason to jump on board. As many smartphone manufacturers look to integrate the phone’s features with other peripherals such as a tablet or smartwatch, you can expect that LG will do the same with the G5 concept.

Stand-alone features from the current LG G Gear watch will become a huge focal point as the idea to maintain the same functions without having to have your phone on you at all times will be a huge enhancement. As technology changes, LG is expected to yet again lead the way in 2016.

LG G5 Price

[AdSense-A]With the huge changes that we’re expecting LG to put into the new concept, we can expect to see a slight increase in the overall LG G5 price. The good news is that all the top cell carriers will get in on the release, especially considering the huge sales expectations that the G5 will surely get. Presumably, the price will still remain competitive with other flagship releases such as the newest HTC smartphone, Galaxy S7, and Apple iPhone 7.

As we get closer to the inevitable release date, the consumer demand will increase even more which will drive down the release day availability as well as the importance of presales. Here in the US, all four of the cell phone carriers are expected to carry the release as it’s almost certain that Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile will all state their intentions well before the release and US Cellular will be soon to follow.

It’s still unknown what the price of the LG G5 through Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile will be on launch day, but you can expect there to be some significant pricing advantages from each. We expect to see the no money down option and a small monthly payment plan in exchange for having to pay a full-purchase LG G5 US price that will be nearly $900.

The following are the latest rumors on the price of the LG G5 in many of the larger markets worldwide.

Country LG G5 Price
Australia 1066 Australian Dollar
Austria 730 Euro
Brazil 2297 Brazilian Real
Canada 1024 Canadian Dollar
China 5535 Chinese Yuan
Denmark 5432 Danish Krone
England 572 British Pound Sterling
Finland 730 Euro
France 730 Euro
Germany 730 Euro
Greece 730 Euro
Hong Kong 6977 Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary 223,879 Hungarian Forint
India 55,669 Indian Rupee
Indonesia 11,112,300 Indonesian Rupiah
Italy 730 Euro
Japan 107,725 Japanese Yen
Nigeria 161,235 Nigerian Naira
Philippines 40,297 Philippine Peso
Poland 3038 Polish Zloty
Russia 48,282 Russian Ruble
Singapore 1181 Singapore Dollar
South Africa 10,090 South African Rand
South Korea 1,002,141 South Korean Won
Spain 730 Euro
Sweden 6767 Swedish Krona
Switzerland 879 Swiss Franc
Taiwan 28,057 New Taiwan Dollar
The Netherlands 730 Euro
United States $900 USD

LG G5 Presales

LG G5 presales are expected to start approximately 2-3 weeks before the official release date. When we get the official announcement you can expect to see more on the availability of presales along with when and where to get them. Due to the fact that the popularity is already so high with still awhile to go, taking advantage of cell carrier presales will give you the best chance of getting an LG G5 on launch day.

In some larger markets, especially South Korea, China, and here in the US, we are expecting to see record setting opening day sales which would mean it will be even more important to take advantage of LG G5 presales.

LG G5 Release Date

The LG G5 release date is expected to kick off during the month of June which is great timing when looking at some other flagship releases in 2016. Apple intends on launching the Apple iPhone 7 later in the year, and Samsung has three flagship releases during the same year.

Although the phone has yet to be officially announced by LG, the current rumors on the release date coincide with previous LG G releases which are separated with one year between each. If LG looks to remain consistent to maintain many consumer cell phone contracts, maintaining the June release would be quite fitting. Below are the LG G5 release dates by country of some of the most prominent markets with many more to come in the following months.

Country LG G5 Release Date
Australia 3rd Week June 2016
Austria 3rd Week June 2016
Brazil 2nd Week June 2016
Canada 2nd Week June 2016
China 1st Week June 2016
Denmark 3rd Week June 2016
England 2nd Week June 2016
Finland 3rd Week June 2016
France 3rd Week June 2016
Germany 3rd Week June 2016
Greece 3rd Week June 2016
Hong Kong 1st Week June 2016
Hungary 3rd Week June 2016
India 2nd Week June 2016
Indonesia 3rd Week June 2016
Italy 3rd Week June 2016
Japan 1st Week June 2016
Nigeria 3rd Week June 2016
Philippines 1st Week June 2016
Poland 3rd Week June 2016
Russia 3rd Week June 2016
Singapore 1st Week June 2016
South Africa 4th Week June 2016
South Korea 1st Week June 2016
Spain 3rd Week June 2016
Sweden 3rd Week June 2016
Switzerland 3rd Week June 2016
Taiwan 1st Week June 2016
The Netherlands 2nd Week June 2016
United States 2nd Week June 2016

Wrapping up the LG G5 rumors, specs, features, concept, price, presales, and release date info

Analysts and consumers alike are forecasting big things from LG, and it continues with the next installment called the LG G5. The LG G5 rumors points to numerous concept changes and even a new LG G series smartphone release.

If the current trends continue then we are certain of seeing yet another best-seller, and a premium version of the G5 would give consumers yet another reason to wait for an LG G5 smartphone. As we get closer to the official announcement you can rest assured that we will continue to bring in all of the very best in LG G5 rumors, specs, features, concept, price, presales, and release date info.