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LG G5 Release Details Continuing to be Revealed, Might Come with the Always-On Display

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Just a few days ago, the LG G5 release on February 21 had been confirmed by a teaser shared by the official Facebook page of the Korean company. And now, details about the release are surfacing throughout the internet.

In this article, you will find the release details and features of the upcoming smartphone.

LG G5 Release Details Continuing to be Revealed, Might Come with the Always-On Display

LG G5 Release Details Continuing to be Revealed

Earlier, different reports revealed the potential specification of the G5. It had claimed that the device will be equipped with the faster Snapdragon 820 processor, the massive 4 GB RAM and the powerful 4000 mAh battery. All these things are very likely to be seen in the smartphone. But in terms of design, the rumors vary a lot. It has been quite difficult to determine which render is the real one. But here is a good. LG has recently shared a GIF image, which shows a glimpse of the upcoming G5. As seen in the image, the device is very likely to be equipped with an all-metal body. The move is quite different from its major rival Samsung, which used plastic body in its Galaxy S7 flagship smartphone. If the all-metal body is really applied, the LG G5 release will create a massive pressure on Samsung. Today’s consumers do not want to have a device that will provide a “plasticky feel.” They prefer all-metal body, as it provides a “premium feel.”

However, the most significant thing revealed by the teaser is the “Always-On Display.” Though the details are yet to be revealed, the particular display is expected to remain always on in a low power state. It will not only show missed calls and messages but also provides you with the easy access to different basic apps, including camera, in the particular state. It has added a new dimension to the excitement of the LG G5 release. However, it is not the first time that the feature has been used in a device. Earlier, the Motorola Moto X and Google Nexus lineup had been equipped with a similar option.

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