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LG G5 Release Date Confirmed to be Set to February 21, Might Come with the “Magic Slot”

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It has been several months since the LG G5 release date rumors started to surface online. Many of them created a massive buzz. But none of them confirmed the real release date. But this time, LG itself as confirmed the revelation time. Read this article to know the actual LG G5 release date.

LG G5 Release Date Confirmed to be Set to February 21, Might Come with the “Magic Slot”

LG G5 Release Date Confirmed to be Set to February 21

Earlier, different rumors claimed that the LG G5 will be released in April 2016. The claim looked very logical with respect to the release date of the previous versions. But now, it has been found that LG G5 release date is being shifted two months earlier than the expected time frame. LG has recently sent invitations for its special event scheduled to be held in February 21. The Korean company has declared the date as the LG G5 day. It clearly shows that the G-series lineup is going to be refreshed at the particular event.

Apart from revealing the LG G5 release date, the Korean company has also provided a hint about a new feature. It has revealed a new teaser, which highlights the “always-on” feature. It allows the display to remain always on in a low power mode, showing different notifications, including emails, messages and missed calls. Moreover, it allows you to get an easy access to the basic apps, including the camera app. It is a very unique feature that will surely attract a large number of customers.

There is an even more interesting feature. According to different reports, the LG G5 will come with a “Magic Slot.” It will allow you to connect a wide range of hardware and devices with the new flagship smartphone. Moreover, the G5 is expected to arrive in a modular form. In the revelation ceremony, several plug-in modules and accessories will be shown. All these things will form an ecosystem, called “G5 and Friends.” All these facts make the LG G5 release date very exciting to the worldwide tech enthusiasts.

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