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LG G5 Mobile Specification: Wide-Angle Camera Sensors, Stunning Quad HD Display and More

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The LG G5 mobile specification is one of the most talked topic in the tech communities. It has drawn a worldwide attention, as it can outshine most of the high-end smartphones on the market. In this article, you will find the detailed specification of LG’s flagship smartphone of this year.

LG G5 Mobile Specification - Wide-Angle Camera Sensors, Stunning Quad HD Display and More

LG G5 Mobile Specification: 5.3-Inch, 1440 x 2560 Pixels Resolution Display

This time, LG has decided to decrease the screen size from 5.5-inch to 5.3-inch with a view to making the G5 more compact than its predecessor. Its display comes with a high resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and an extremely high pixel density of 554 ppi. LG decides to keep using the IPS LCD panel, rather than the AMOLED panels favored by Samsung and Google.

LG G5 Mobile Specification: Dual Primary Camera and 8-MP Secondary Camera

In addition to the 16-MP sensor, an additional wide-angle 8-MP sensor has been used in the primary camera. As a result, it can capture footage with a 135-degree field of view. That is more than what your eyes can actually see. It is a key feature of the LG G5 mobile specification that helps the device to stay ahead in the competition significantly. The G5 also has a wide angle 8-MP sensor in the secondary camera. So, you can cram more faces in the frame easily.

LG G5 Mobile Specification: Super-Fast Snapdragon 820 Processor and More

The inclusion of the upgraded Snapdragon 820 processor and 4 GB RAM has transformed the LG G5 into a super-fast smartphone. With the advanced Adreno 530 GPU, it can produce flawless graphics while running all the high-end games. So, in terms of powerful performance, LG G5 mobile specification is definitely ahead in the game. In order to provide you with a plenty of space for keeping your favorite songs, apps and games, the 32 GB internal storage, which can be expanded up to 256 GB through the microSD cards, have been included.

LG G5 Mobile Specification: Decent 2800 mAh Battery

The 2800 mAh battery has 60 hours of endurance rating, which sounds pretty decent. However, it is definitely not as great as the battery of the Galaxy S7. It supports Quick Charge 3.0 technology. So, it can be charged up to 83% in just 30 minutes.

LG G5 Mobile Specification: Other Features

The LG G5 features all the sensors that a high-end smartphone should have, including the fingerprint sensor and color spectrum. It also features a wide array of connectivity options, including USB Type-C and Infrared Port. Moreover, it has been equipped with the NFC.

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