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LG G4 Price: 32 GB SIM-Free Version at £299 on Mobile Fun, £290 on Amazon

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Although being a bit older as the LG G5 is out, the LG G4 still remains a hot cake in the eyes of the smartphone lovers. With features like outstanding camera, crystal clear display and the unique design, it has been able to retain a strong position for a long time. More importantly, the LG G4 price has been much lower than it was in 2015. So, everyone can afford to have it.

In this article, you will find the prices of the 2015 flagship smartphone.

LG G4 Price - 32 GB SIM-Free Version at £299 on Mobile Fun, £290 on Amazon

LG G4 Price: 32 GB SIM-Free Version at £299 on Mobile Fun

While the LG G4 came out last year, it was being tagged with a high price of £550. It was really very expensive. So, despite being so much attracted to the incredibly stylish and the unique design while looking it at the store, most of you have to come back empty handed. The price was definitely not affordable. However, as the LG G5 has been released in 2016, the LG G4 price has been dropped significantly. More specifically, the 32 GB SIM-Free version of the device is now available at only £299 at Mobile Fun. With respect to the previous price, it is a massive discount £251. So, it is definitely an outstanding offer.

LG G4 Price: 32 GB SIM-Free Version at £269.99 on Amazon 

If you feel that the previous offer is not enough for you to save more money, here is an even better deal for you. The device is now being offered at only £269.99 on Amazon. So, with respect to the LG G4 price in 2015, it is an incredible discount of more than 50%! If you haven’t got the chance to purchase the device at such a cheap price, it is definitely an amazing offer that you cannot afford to miss.

The recent drop in the LG G4 price has opened a new gate for you to have an outstanding smartphone. Let us know what you feel to see such massive discounts.