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LG G4 Display vs Galaxy S6 Display: Which is the best one?

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LG G4 display and Galaxy S6 display are both fantastic. But which can be considered as the best one? Read this article to get the answer.

LG G4 Display vs Galaxy S6 Display - Which is the best one

LG G4 Display vs Galaxy S6 Display: Resolution

The 5.5-inch IPS LCD display of the LG G4 has a high resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. The 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display also has the same resolution. However, LG has been always ahead in the game, as its G3 smartphone, which had been released a year before the launch of the Galaxy S6, has the same resolution.

LG G4 Display vs Galaxy S6 Display: Display Panel

The IPS LCD panel of the LG G4 display is fantastic. It is known as “Quantum,” as it is being created by applying negative charged liquid crystal. As a result, it can reproduce colors with an incredible accuracy. It also helps the display to generate a better brightness. On the other hand, the display of Galaxy S6 has a Super AMOLED panel. It has several advantages. For instance, it makes the black color look much better. It also consumes less power. But it has some issues. For instance, we have found a yellowish tinge that doesn’t disappear even though the Adaptive setting is turned off. Also, it cannot make some colors, like red, look as good as the LG G4 display panel.

LG G4 Display vs Galaxy S6 Display: Viewing Angles

The viewing angles of the display of the LG G4 are much better from its predecessor. However, it’s not good enough to beat the display of Galaxy S6. According to most of the users and analysts, the viewing angles of the Galaxy S6 display are much better. All the credits go to its Super AMOLED panel. Typical LCDs experience 55% percent drop in brightness at a 30 degree viewing angle. However, the Super AMOLED display of the Galaxy S6 shows a decrease of only 27% decrease at the same angle.

LG G4 Display vs Galaxy S6 Display: The Verdict

If you focus on the viewing angles, the Galaxy S6 display is definitely great. But while considering most of the aspects, like color accuracy, the LG G4 display always stays ahead in the game.

This is the end of the display. What is your experience with the LG G4 display and Galaxy S6 display? Share your thoughts through the comment section.