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LG G4 Concept List: 3 Best Concepts of the 2015 Flagship Smartphone

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The LG G4 is one of the hottest smartphones on the current market. But do you know that it had become a hot device even before being released? Well, after looking at these best LG G4 concept list, you will understand why it generated a massive buzz.

Best LG G4 Concept List - Curved LG G4

Best LG G4 Concept List: Curved LG G4

Last year, designer Ivo Maric created a massive buzz by revealing the render of the flexed LG G4. Having a curved display, it looked similar to the LG G Flex 2. Being equipped with the metal frame, it looked really gorgeous. The rendering also revealed a key design feature of the G4. It was the luxurious leather back, which was ultimately introduced in the real model. The concept had become viral and was shared by millions of tech enthusiasts worldwide.

Best LG G4 Concept List - Front Facing Speaker Concept

Best LG G4 Concept List: Front Facing Speaker Concept

Jermaine Smit had revealed one of the most realistic LG G4 concept models that we had ever seen prior to the release. It looked quite similar to the real model. The rendering suggested that the device would feature dual speakers at the front. It hinted that the device would be able to produce a buzzing sound. However, it didn’t turn out true, as the real model ultimately featured the rear-facing mono speaker.

Best LG G4 Concept List - Super Slim Bezels

Best LG G4 Concept List: Super Slim Bezels

Giztimes revealed a concept that shows the incredibly slim bezels. More specifically, it was slimmer than ever before. Due to the thinness, the particular LG G4 concept became one of the most gorgeous ones at that time. The concept also revealed several key features that were ultimately introduced in the real model, including the 5.5-inch display and Snapdragon 810 processor. It also suggested that there would have been a 32 GB model.

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