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LG CAM Plus Review: Extra Grip and Comfort, but Not Worthwhile

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LG CAM Plus is one of the modular devices of the G5 smartphone. Having the ability to transform the handset into a photo shooting marvel, it has been able to draw a massive attention worldwide. But is it worth buying? In this review, you will find the detailed answer.

LG CAM Plus Review - Extra Grip and Comfort, but Not Worthwhile

LG CAM Plus Review: Design

The LG CAM Plus has a dimension of 2.91 x 2.42 x 0.63 inches. It weighs 1.95 oz. It comes with an additional grip that provides you with an extra flexibility when taking shots. Also, it features a textured back, which adds even more grip. It has a number of buttons for enabling different features, including autofocus. It also has a scroll wheel, which can be used to adjust the zoom. In terms of design, it is really difficult to say whether the CAM Plus is well-constructed or not. And here are some of the reasons. Attaching it to the bottom of the smartphone, you will immediately feel an extra weight. It makes the device lopsided. Another problem is the swapping issue. Due to the extra weight, you will definitely not like to attach the CAM Plus with the smartphone. You are very likely to swap it when required. But constantly doing that is very irritating.

LG CAM Plus Review: Battery

The cool thing about the LG CAM Plus is the fact that it sports an additional 1,200 mAh battery. It is very handy while taking a large number of shots, a type of activity that can drain the smartphone battery out very quickly. It cannot power up the phone. But it is definitely effective for preserving the charge of the handset’s battery.

LG CAM Plus Review: Performance

We are really happy with the performance of the LG CAM Plus. It allows us to take shots very quickly. Thanks to the quick launch button that performs two seconds faster than the on-screen controls. We have found the scroll wheel to be extremely useful. Adjusting the zoom with it is more effective than using the pinch-to-zoom feature on the display. However, in terms of responsiveness, it is not perfect. Using it quickly can result in inaccurate functions.

LG CAM Plus Review: App

The LG CAM Plus has its own app. However, it is largely useless. It can only provide updates to the device. It doesn’t serve additional purposes, like editing the images captured by the CAM Plus. LG should have added some great features to make it practically effective.

LG CAM Plus Review: The Verdict

If you really want to have extra comfort and grip while capturing photos, the LG CAM Plus is the right accessory for you. However, practically, it seems like a concept device that requires time and effort to be transformed into a useful and worthwhile accessory.

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